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BROWSE  - Free Poetry Site that provides space for unlimited poems.  Great Feedback club and critique forms.  Content Censors.  13 years old and older.

Poetry Forum - Requires a site at - Free Story Publisher providing unlimited space to publishe stories.  Content Censors to prevent profanity.   13 years old and older. - Uncensored site to publish poetry. - Premium site with exceptional graphics, statistics and a forum. - Free blog site with censored content.  - 8000 member site with great poems to read. - 5000 member site. - Want to share your recipes?  This is the place.  Start your free online cookbook. Premium site with domain name designed to allow crafters to easily sell their items. - Looking for craft ideas?  Craftbug is the place to find them.

Official Copyright info.  The US Government's copyright page.  The U.S. Government grants you one as soon as you put your work on paper or on a computer.  Please visit the U.S. Government's Copyright web page for more information. - The most inexpensive web host on the internet that we know of.  Please let us know if you know of a better web host for your site.  Get your domain name for as little as $1.99
Hosting plans starting at $3.99

Decor Gift and More .com - Monique's online decor store where you can purchase her home decor items for your home or gifts. - The best place to publish your work!.


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