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About us.

Established in 1999, MaxSecure [TM] provides information to help you secure your environment.  We strive to distill the abundance of useful security information available on the Internet and make it available to the public on our site --   Additionally, we provide information security products that protect customers throughout the world.

We are constantly evaluating and reevaluating security related web sites and products so please contact us at if you have a site or product we should consider.

From time to time, you will find (or not find) that our site has been disabled by hackers.  Unfortunately, our name MAXsecure [TM] has made us a target.  Please be patient and check back often if you find our site is unreachable or has been deleted by a malicious hacker.  Please be confident that we diligently work to detect hacking attempts and use them to improve our flagship product – MAXsecure [TM]


Tony Leonard
Founder, MAXsecure [TM]

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