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Dr. Tara Singh comes from a middle class family in Bihar ( India ) . She completed her studies from class I to Graduation in Arts ( with Hindi Honors and Social Science as primary subjects ) while residing in a Bhagalpur City Girls’ Hostel.  During the period she enjoyed merit scholarship through out. She always took keen interest in sports, music, dance, debates and participated actively in poem and Essay writing competitions . She earned many prizes and Letters of appreciations for her commendable performances in these events. After successful completion of  her graduation , she got married with the Head of Department of Chemistry of Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose College, Kolkata ( under the University of Calcutta ).

While successfully discharging her duties as a house-wife, she devoted her whole time and energy serving Hindi Literature through reading books and writing poems. Soon she got a chance to participate in the poem writing competition ,organized by the Star T.V. and was awarded the first prize . Her articles got regularly published in several newspapers , magazines and Star T.V. shows. On publication of  two poetry books , she earned wide applause for her emotional and thoughtful poems. Subsequent but regular and talented publication of Books on family and social issues, personal and social delicacies , philosophy of life and realities, birth and death cycles , etc., soon she established herself as modern “CHHAYAVADI POETESS” of 21st  century in Hindi Literature with brilliance and genius . She also completed M.B.E.H. degree with a zeal to serve voluntarily the poor section of the society . Further her writings based on soul (ATMA) and God (PARMATMA),religious philosophy of birth and death phenomena as described in Hindi and Sanskrit religious books, such as “Ramayana’, ”GITA’, “PURANS’ and “UPNISHADS’ got remarkable popularity among hermits, saints ,religious heads of Hindu worshipping centers as well as the intelligentsia class and general readers  having interests in these texts .


Contents :---

(i)                Literary works

(ii)             Awards

(iii)           Present Engagements

(iv)           References


Literary Works :---

                       Dr. Srimati Tara Singh published 35 books through M/s Meenakshi Prakashan , Delhi, namely  (i) Poetry Books--- 20 (ii)  Gazal  Books --- 7  (iii) Story Books--- 4 (iv) Novels--- 2  (v) Essay books ----2 . These books have been made available in all Central Govt. libraries and also in all leading Universities-libraries of India to facilitate teaching of Hindi or for carrying research works. Also, her 115 joint Poetry Books are already published by well known National publishing Houses . Her numerous Articles in different categories were also published on 27 popular websites including  and one song was duly  selected as ‘TITLE SONG’ of a patriotic Hindi movie ‘ SIPAI JI’ released in 2008. Her worthy works and writings are being regularly published in reputed Government ( both Central and State Govts.) magazines namely ‘BHASHA’, ‘BHAGIRATH’, ‘PUNJAB SAURABH’ and Private Leading Hindi magazines ,viz, ‘NAYA BHASHA BHARATI SAMBAD’,’DEV BHARATI’, ‘KARMNISTHA’ and many others. Her GAZAL ,’ KARO BHARAT KO NAMAN’ duly sung by her in many Hindi Authors assemblies/meetings was highly appreciated and duly recognized as a leading Patriotic song emphasizing national unity and secular character of the Indian Democracy.

                    Dr. Singh’s literary works and writings in Hindi with realistic approach being judged as outstanding creations on human and social issues , she has been awarded over 250 Honors / Prizes/ Awards/ Honorary Degrees / SAMMANS by different National and International literary groups / Institutions / organizations including ‘ World Lifetime Award 2007’ & ‘Woman of the year Award 2007’ by the American Bio. Institute ;  ‘Rising Personalities of India Award’ by Penguin Pub. House, New Delhi ; ‘Achiever of Millennium Award’ by Economic Health & Educational Growth Foundation, New Delhi ; ‘ Excellence in Literary Field Award’ by Shikshak Vikas Parishad, Goa; ‘’Ph.D. in Oriental Learning’ by I.I. of Oriental Heritage Kolkata ; ‘Asia Pacific International Award 2012’ by Tashkent Global Foundation ;  ‘Vidyasagar ( D.Litt.) by Vikramshila Hindi Vidyapith, Bhagalpur and ‘ Sahitya  Mahopadhyay’ by Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Prayag (U.P.); Rajiv Gandhi Award; Mother Teressa Award; Gold Medal; Kavi Samrat & others.

In 2011, she participated in the writing competition organized by the Wikipedia based on one’s Biography, which earned her 5 stars ( *****) . This achievement of Dr. Singh attracted the well known publishing  House M/s Barnes & Noble, New Jersey (USA)  and they published 96 paged biography of Dr. Singh ,entitled as ‘ TARA SINGH, THE AUTHOR’  in 2011. This gave all round publicity to Dr. Singh ,making her a renowned writer in the field of Hindi Literature.


Present Engagement :--

       She is the founder President and chief Editor of the popular Hindi website, ‘’ and also the swargvibha on line Quarterly magazine since 2006 . It not only helps in propagation of Hindi, but also provides universal meeting grounds to the writers, poets, Gazalkars, story writers, critics and journalists. It publishes and propagates their best creations and writings free of cost to enable them to claim honor and laurels in the society. It also provokes young & promising writers and Journalists by awarding 5 SWARGVIBHA TARA NATIONAL AWARDS with Rs. 2100/- to each, every year for their best writing or Publication. Presently she is also the working President of the Sahityik, sanskritik and Kala Sangam Academy ,Pratapgarh (U.P.). She takes special interest in writing and publishing Hindi poems, gazals,stories and filmy songs at regular intervals .


References  :------


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sadken lal hain,tum kahte hua kuchh bhi nahin
Kate sar nach rahe,hua kuchh bhi nahin

lagta ghaylon ki chitkar tumhare kaleje ko
chirte nahin,tabhi to kahte,hua kuchh bhi nahin

Tum insan nahin darinda hi is dhara par
Tumhara ilaj sirf maut hai,dava kuchh bhi nahin

Aise bhi subah ayegi ,kohram lekar kaun
Hogi antim,manuj ko pata kuchh bhi nahin

Fir bhi subah ke swagat men,rat sanjota manuj
subah de

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Tumane manushy yoni men mujhe janam dekar

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Tum jwalit agni ki saari prakhartaa ko

sameTe baiThi raho, nav – vadhU –sii mere hriday m

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Koi kisi kaa hale dil mudkar puchhta nahIn
Jo jata yahan se,kabhi lauTakar ata nahin

Bhari mahfil men mere pyar ko jis kadar
Be-aabru kiya, aisa koi bulakar karta nahin
Jahan kuchh log bafa karke sharmate nahin
Vhin jafa karne vala jafadar sharmata nahin

Apni betabi badhakar,uski kadmon tak ko le
Jata nahin,aaj tanha dil baiThkar rota nahin

Kyon n cikhun kisi ko yad kar, meri aavaj
Ko sunkar  k

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